Programming Technologies

Programming Technologies

Once again Jack apps has all your bases covered with programming whether your new to this or advanced we have the tools to help. We can provide you with RPG report programme generator this is a high level programming language which can be used for all your business applications it is very useful generation reports from data.

If your new to programming we can help you with visual basic this is microsofts answer for an easy way to get into programming designed to be very easy to learn and use. So if your too busy to learn programming and just need to get going this is highly recommended.

Jack apps are here to help implement any type of webpage you should require whether you need ASPX files which are used by web servers on microsofts server side web app framework. This basically means it tells the browser elements to fetch from the server for example images, text or javascript. Or whether your using a HTML webpage the basic language for showing data on the web.

We here at Jack apps want everything to be as seamless as possible and crucial to that is having all the data you need stored and used correctly luckily with Microsoft Access we can help you store information for reference, analysis and reporting. This is the most efficient way to manage and analyse so we can save you countless hours you will never need excel spreadsheets again.

If you need to create an app then look no further we can use Java a great piece of software which can create full applications that can run on a single computer or distributed among clients and servers in a network or can create a small application module for use as part of a web page. Jack apps are here for you and your business and treat all of our clients businesses as though they were own, no matter what you need we will provide the support.

JACK Applications provides custom programming, or modifications of existing software utilizing the following technologies:

  • RPG
  • Visual Basic.Net
  • ASPX Web Pages
  • HTML Web Pages
  • Microsoft Access
  • Java